About René traveller & trainer & technical weirdo

Nice to meet you, René is my (french) name : coming of the french verb Né means Reborn (again).
I love to travel and meet people, curious of where they coming from and going to and what their dreams are in life : their passions and what gives them Joy.  I am mostly very touched & inspired by the personal stories people are telling me.

Beside that I gave Empowerment training (Rock & water), Training ”on the job” in Company  with serious fun and what can make nearly every routine & boring task exciting and keeps you alert, but on unconventional ways. Besides that I give wanted & unwanted advises (20 yr coaching practice) when you speak about your personal troubles/(repeating) problems where you suffering from holding back from quality life. : Likes to brainstorm to touch and use hidden drives, passions &  talents.

I love to cycle (yeah, a Dutch guy…)  and like challenge myself Physically and mentally and have some nerdy interests like new tech, small processor boards and technical weird gamification things. I like to experience and learn new things from street dance to waltz and like to explore life, but with some values and rules to treat me , my body and also other people nice so also no brain influencing chemicals like alcohol, drugs or smoking whatever. My idea is to have a (minimalized) pure life, you can enjoy more with less (money and stuff) , more attention for fellow humans and living with love & peace close to yourself and in harmony with others, also when they are completely different.